Downloading from My Account.

Here's how to download your digital magazines from My Account:
(Note: Your digital download is normally available until 30-days after purchase.)

1. First log-in to your store account.

2. After logging-in, use the "My Account" link , at the top of your browser window, to view your previous orders. Click on the "view" button next to your order.

3. When your window updates with your order detail, click the "download" button on the right, which will start the download of your digital issue. This may take one or more minutes, depending on your connection speed.

4. How your browser handles downloads depends on the browser. Here are some browser methods:

iPad - Safari:
iPads use the Apple app "iBooks" for storing and viewing pdfs and books. After clicking your issue download button, Safari will work for 10-30 seconds (depending on your connection speed) and then ask you to confirm "Open in iBooks?". After a few more seconds iBooks will open your new issue. (Note: If you get a Safari message "Download Failed - Safari cannot download this file" after clicking the download button, your iPad does not have iBooks installed yet. You may download iBooks for free from the Apple app store.)

Kindle Fire - Web:
After clicking the "download" button the browser starts the process with little notification. The hidden download progress bar can be monitored by swiping down the Kindle notification page (top left corner.) Once the download is complete open the PDF by clicking on the filename listing in the notification page. Alternatively in the browser you can select options (at the bottom) and then downloads to see your download history. To view PDF's with the Fire you will need to install (one time) the Adobe PDF app (available at the Kindle store for free) or one of the many other PDF reader apps. One of my favorites is "ez PDF Reader Pro" which costs a few bucks but gives you the ability, among several options, to scroll sideways which I prefer. The Kindle Fire puts all PDF downloads in the hidden download folder.

Opera v11.50:
A pop-up box appears with several buttons, choose the Save button which will give you a chance to pick your favorite storage location for your magazine.

Firefox v5.0:
A pop-up box appears with two radio buttons, select the Save File button and click ok. FireFox saves your magazine to its standard location and opens the "Download" list box. You can right click on the magazine file name, in this box, and select "Open Containing Folder" to get access to the file.

Internet Exporer v9.0:
A pop-up box appears near the bottom with several buttons, click the down arrow to the right of the Save button and select "Save As" which will give you a chance to pick your favorite storage location for your magazine. The default location if you just hit the regular save button is "c:usersyournamedownloads" depending on your particular setup.
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