SageWoman #64
Prayer & Invocation


SageWoman #64
Prayer and Invocation

This controversial issue sparked a long-running reader’s debate: is prayer a practice only of “traditional” religions like Christianity and Judaism? Our answer was a heartfelt “no” as this SageWoman issue celebrates the connection between deity and devotee among women of all spiritual paths.

We begin with Lee Pelham Cotton’s gentle invocation “Kneel and Kiss the Ground,” Mary K. Wilson’s paen to movement prayer “Sacred Dance: Prayer in Movement” and then touch Patricia Lynn Reilly’s poetic “A Prayer for Our Daughers.”

Galina Krasskova’s “The Alchemy of Prayer” stirred debate because she addresses her devotion to a male deity, while the quiet confidence of Leni Austine’s “Conversations with the Divine,” and Spirit’s “Leaping in the Arms of the Goddess” provide gentle counterpoints. Finally, Carrie Cooper reclaims the rosary for non-Catholics in her essay, “Garlands for the Goddess.”

Finally, Diana Paxson celebrates one of the oldest Hindu goddesses, Sarasvati, source of the scriptures. This extraordinarily rich issue is full of ideas, rituals, stories, and resources for any woman who wishes to explore how we communicate with the Divine.

96 illustrated pages, released Spring 2004

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